How ENBREL Works

People with immune diseases like RA, JIA, PsA, AS, PsO and Ped PsO produce proteins in their body called cytokines. In RA, JIA, PsA and AS, these cytokines invade the joints and cause their linings to become swollen and painful. One of the cytokines that plays a major role in this process is called tumour necrosis factor or TNF.

Although everyone needs some TNF to help their immune system, researchers have found that people with RA, JIA, PsA, AS, PsO and Ped PsO have elevated levels of TNF in their bodies. Elevated levels of TNF are thought to be related to inflammation and leads to painful, swollen joints and psoriatic skin lesions in PsA, and to psoriatic skin lesions in plaque psoriasis.

ENBREL is a man-made protein that is very similar to a protein found naturally in the body. ENBREL works by binding TNF and interrupting the process that can lead to symptoms of RA, JIA, PsA, AS, PsO or Ped PsO. ENBREL can reduce the amount of TNF in the body to normal levels, helping to treat joint damage and skin lesions.

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Now I have a social life, including girlfriends, which I never had before.

— ENBREL adult psoriasis patient


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